Our PDF List Product

 We are proud of being capable of offering to the regional market and other countries wild animals’ fresh and high standard meat.
Our location allows us to have a great advantage regarding logistic cost as we are located in a strategic region where there is a plentiful supply of game, including hare, our main raw product. What is more, we are situated just a few metres from National Route 5 which connects us to Argentina’s main exporting port from where we ship all our products.

Our packaging

Our packaging goes in accordance to the actual market requirements, basically we have four different sizes of cartons, with measurements in relation to international pallet sizes. Each carton has a label with bar codes which specifies product code, description of the goods, in the language required, production date, expiry date, weights, nett, gross and tara, and also have all the datum concerning the regulations of traceability. In case the customer asks for it, we can also add labels on each bag with individual weight, price, etc.